Kim Min Song

2014 Graduated from Pusan National University  westernpainting
2019 Completion Pusan National University Graduate School of westernpainting

Solo Exhibition
2022 ‘月の庭 Moon Garden’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Silvershell gallery_ in TOKYO
2022 ‘A landscape where time stans still’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_Artsohyang_in SEOUL
2022 ‘Jardin Majorelle’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_Gallery M_in BUSAN
2020 ‘Piece of blue memory’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_DOT MUSEUM_in BUSAN
2020 ‘Desert, Memory of blue night’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Gallert Cafe BUUC_in BUSAN
2019 ‘Art Travel for the weary Citizen’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Pusan National University Hospital Regional trauma center_ in BUSAN
2019 ‘A Night in the Forest’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ YUME gallery_ in TOKYO
2018 ‘Stroll through the Night’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_IDM gallery_ in BUSAN
2017 ‘Forest of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Celltrion(Honhik University) Publicgallery_ in SEOUL
2016 ‘The Moment’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ JUNGJUNHO gallery_ in BUSAN
2016 ‘Garden of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ IDM gallery_ in BUSAN
2015 ‘Garden of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Myeong-dong, Tom &           Tom's black noonsquare _ in SEOUL
2015 ‘Forest of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition _JUNGJUNHO gallery_ in BUSAN

Exhibition of Busan, Seoul, Changwon, Daegu, Suncheon, Gwangyang and many others

Artist Residency
 Event Horizon residency _ Greece Crete
 Eutopia residency _ Greece Cavala
 Gate44 _ Italy Milan

Art Fair Exhibition Busan, Seoul, Daegu, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong and many others

Busan National University, BNK Financial Group, GRANDJOSUN Jeju ​​​​​​​
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